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Empower your team by activating their personal drive and connecting it to a clear vision of professional potential.

A Few of Our Clients

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When team members feel disengaged, organizations stagnate.

It can happen in any organization —employees feel disconnected, burnout blocks creativity— and it all leads to a rapidly eroding team morale that impacts the bottom line.

Group 7030

Empowering potential

Your team wants to show up at their best. We maximize their talent by connecting them to a professional purpose that helps them achieve peak performance. When everyone is focused and inspired, your people are unstoppable.

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Become a game changer

Our highly trained coaches dig deep to unlock your people’s personal drive, potential and ultimately peak performance. Through our signature methodology, we focus on the individual to unlock the group’s collective performance.

  • Prevent employee burnout by keeping your team engaged and connected
  • Identify and invest in the next wave of leaders to maintain your momentum
  • Equip your team with negotiation skills that give your business the edge
  • Fill your organization with game changers — high performers who are equipped to take their careers, teams and companies to the next level

We know what it takes to win

Our experiential learnings produce transformations that last. No one wants to sit through another boring training with dull PowerPoint presentations and soon-to-be dusty workbooks.

They want to feel invested in and have their value and potential acknowledged and understood. They want to know you are committed to helping them achieve their highest self inside and outside of the office. That’s where we come in.

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We are not a traditional training company.
We are your talent development partner.

By engaging every individual, your team will unlock its full potential, driving sustainable performance rooted in purpose. And we’ll be right alongside you on the journey.

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Meet some of our Gamer Changer clients

We’ve worked with the very best. You can be among them.

“My team members thoroughly enjoyed The Energy training. We have found ourselves working harder and longer than ever before, and the program taught us how to look at time through the lens of energy. We learned tools to help manage our energy, which in turn, helps us maximize our time. It’s helped everyone be more present and intentional in all facets of their life.”

Quinn Leoni

- Director, Leadership and OD, Cox

“I now have an understanding of how important, and possible, it is to go into an important or difficult meeting with energy by planning and anticipating thanks to the Energy training. Acknowledging that I need to be my best self during the most important of times will change my priorities. I now have the clarity to spend time focusing on the things that matter most verses the day-to-day rigmarole of life on the wheel. I have a renewed sense of focus and energy!!”

David Hutchinson

- Director, Global Channels, Google

“The Energy training was extremely valuable for our Sales organization. It helped the attendees see the effect energy has on performance and provided simple tools to help minimize those things personally and professionally that drain one’s energy. We all have choices and I am so glad we made the choice to offer these workshops so we are equipped to show up every day as the best version of ourselves.”

Jess Gisewhite

- Manager, Learning & Development Sales, The Hershey Company

“In today’s corporate world, negotiating is part of everyone’s job. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in sales or marketing or HR, we all have to negotiate. That’s why as a leader it’s so important to give your people a roadmap for how to negotiate effectively. That’s exactly what the Negotiation training did for us.“

Melissa Rocks

- Sales Operations, Ciena

“Going through the training showed my team how many opportunities we were missing to negotiate. Now I see my team being much more creative and coming up with solutions. I can tell they are more confident navigating tough conversations with partners than before the training. The Negotiation training provided us with more operational efficiencies and significant ROI.”

Angela Raub

- President, Leadercast

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Group 7030

Let’s go.

It’s time you invest in the potential of each of your team members to create momentum and transformational change that lasts.

It’s time to take your performance to the next level!