About Us

Founded by former top sports agent Molly Fletcher, and led by a team of highly experienced coaches, we know what it takes to unlock professional potential.

At Game Changer Performance Group, we’re trailblazers who break through the status quo to offer engaging learning experiences that equip people to thrive in their work and develop the career of their dreams. We leverage proven practices to unlock the next-level performance in your people.

Our custom experiences deliver training that unleashes potential and points it in the right direction. Our clients are achieving more, experiencing greater success and feeling fulfilled doing it.

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Learn from the best to become the best

When you partner with Game Changer Performance Group, you’re getting the vast expertise of our entire team. Our team has trained companies large and small, and has seen tremendous success doing it. We love to work with:

  • Purpose-driven organizations that want to invest in their people
  • Energized leaders driving change inside their organizations
  • Teams looking to take their performance up a notch

Meet Our Master Coaches

We’re not shy about saying we’ve got the best performance coaches in the world, and they’ve got the skills to back it up. Our team can’t wait to help yours.

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Become a game changer

Our highly trained coaches dig deep to unlock your people’s personal drive, potential and ultimately peak performance. Through our signature methodology, we focus on the individual to unlock the group’s collective performance.

  • Prevent employee burnout by keeping your team engaged and connected
  • Identify and invest in the next wave of leaders to maintain your momentum
  • Equip your team with negotiation skills that give your business the edge
  • Fill your organization with game changers — people who step up and make a difference every single day.