ENERGY: Optimize Your Performance

Prioritize and align your team’s energy

Burnout blocks productivity. It erodes team morale and impacts the bottom line.

But when your team members are able to intentionally manage their energy, the entire organization benefits. When everyone is able to align their energy with their priorities, your team becomes unstoppable.

Everyone who experiences the Energy training will gain:

  • A strategic approach to maximize their energy
  • Tools to navigate common barriers that can compromise performance
  • Clarity around their values and who they are at their best
  • A framework to align their energy with their schedule and priorities
  • Tools to strengthen resilience in the face of life’s demands

NEGOTIATION: Maximize Your Influence

Empower your team to get the deal done.

Everyone understands the benefits of becoming a better negotiator, but most people aren't taught the skills to negotiate effectively. Equip your team with a proven framework that will allow them to confidently embrace any negotiation.

The Negotiation experience equips your team with:

  • A best practice framework to apply to existing and prospective opportunities
  • Tools to confidently negotiate with people of all personality types and negotiation styles
  • Conflict resolution strategies to defuse disconnects before they escalate
  • A repeatable process for your team to use to prepare for any negotiation

HIGH IMPACT: Elevate Your Power Skills

Supercharge your organization’s performance

In today’s business environment, your people need different skills to ensure they excel. The #1 reason people quit their jobs is due to a lack of career development and advancement opportunities, and a staggering 94% of employees say that they would likely stay at a company longer if it simply invested in upskilling. Leadership training isn’t just for those with “manager” in their title. Companies that invest in leadership development at a broader level outperform those who don’t. That’s where our High Impact program gets results.

At the end of the High Impact experience, your people will have:

  • The power skills to manage and lead in the workplace of the future
  • The tools they need to influence organizational behavior
  • Concepts and competencies that accelerate and sustain individual and team performance

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