NEGOTIATION: Maximize Your Influence

Empower your team to get the deal done

Is a lack of negotiating skills holding your team back? We understand, and you’re not alone. 86% of people want to learn how to negotiate more effectively, but 55% say any negotiation skills they have are self-taught. Imagine what you could accomplish if you and your team had a framework you could apply to any negotiation.

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What does it mean to be a

Game Changer Negotiator?

Negotiation: Maximize Your Influence takes you through our proven negotiation methodology to get immediate results. It’s based on decades of experience and research from former top sports agent Molly Fletcher, who made a career negotiating deals in a highly competitive environment. Her approach to negotiating can be learned, practiced and applied in any business, regardless of your industry, experience, or job title.

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A Proven Framework

Get a best-practice framework for your team to apply to any negotiation and close better deals, faster.

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A Versatile Toolset

Learn how to effectively negotiate with people of all personality types and negotiation styles

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Strengthen Relationships

Equip your team with negotiation strategies that enhance connection and enable better outcomes.

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Prepare to Win

Use our proprietary methodology to prepare you and your team for any negotiation

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How it Works

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Choose between our Signature Program, Accelerated Workshop, or Condensed Pilot, whatever is right for you and your team.

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Attend our interactive training experience and get the tools your team needs to transform their mindset.

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Take what you’ve learned back into the workplace and achieve the peak performance your team is capable of.


Negotiate with confidence and get the results you want

Get the deal done — on your terms. Contact us today and take the first step to becoming a force at the negotiation table with a proven framework you can use to accelerate your entire organization.

“My coach's energy was so captivating! Especially working at a busy organization someone is always calling you, someone is always emailing you, someone is always pinging you, but I didn’t look at my phone once. I was so focused on the content and so focused on the activities, that it was a really powerful time we got to spend together in discussion.”

Marissa Tom

- Manager, Talent Development & Employee Communications, Hyundai & Genesis

“In today’s corporate world, negotiating is part of everyone’s job. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in sales or marketing or HR, we all have to negotiate. That’s why as a leader it’s so important to give your people a roadmap for how to negotiate effectively. That’s exactly what the Negotiation training did for us.“

Angela Raub

- President, Leadercast

Whether it is being able to bring energy into your workplace or from the negotiating workshop, where you apply your 360 degree awareness or the 10 steps to negotiation, all of these steps are day to day applicable. It is important as a business that we start to reinforce these key takeaways in our day to day life. So I’m extremely thankful for Molly Fletcher and the company to be able to come here, work with us and share their experience and knowledge with us so generously.”

Sabina Anthony

- Senior Manager, Organization & Talent Development, Hyundai & Genesis

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